TV COMMERCIAL  |  Life can change in an instant. Remember what's worth it before you get behind the wheel.  

SHAWN'S STORY  |  Shawn's life changed the day he was involved in a deadly accident caused by distracted driving. See what he's doing now to help bring awareness to the growing epidemic of distracted driving.   

S.T.O.P WHILE DRIVING  |  Students honor the memory of their friend by turning their grief into advocacy. 

WHY WORTH IT? AN INTRODUCTION | Learn more about the campaign, plus facts and tips about the growing epidemic of distracted driving.

HANDS-FREE IS NOT DISTRACTION-FREE | Hands-free devices, in-dash systems, and phone apps may seem safer, but they're not distraction-free. Learn why, and how companies can help employees drive smart and drive safe. 

Come together and take the pledge to stop distracted driving.

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