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Increased accidents due to COVID-19

As states around the country begin the reopening process, roads will start to fill with drivers transitioning back into their normal daily routine. With an increase in traffic accidents being reported over the last few weeks, what major factor could be causing this influx? A cross between COVID-19 isolation, stress of finances or health concerns, and just purely being out of practice, all can affect the way you're driving. It's time to get back to the basics. Below we have listed some helpful tips to keep you safe on your future commutes.  

Tips for getting back on the road

  1. Practice simple, safe driving habits. This includes:
  • Waiting three seconds before entering any intersection to avoid red-light runners.
  • Signal all lane changes to help avoid mental distractions.
  • Avoid sudden-stop collisions by allowing extra distance between you and the vehicle in front of you
  1. Avoid spending too much time on the road right off the bat. Fighting driving fatigue will be essential during your day-to-day commutes. If a long trip is essential, make sure to stop for frequent breaks or share driving responsibilities. 
  2. Are you 100% ready to drive? Make sure you are fully mentally prepared to enter your vehicle for the trip ahead. If you're feeling down or checked out, try to focus your mind before leaving for your destination. 
  3. Most important, stay off your mobile devices! What was once a major contributor to vehicular accidents across the country will now be even more of a factor. Your conversation can wait. Take the Worth It pledge today to show your dedication to safe driving habits. 

We hope that these tips assist with your transition back into normal everyday life. Right now, it's more important than ever to stay aware and practice safe driving tactics. Please feel free to contact our Worth It team with any questions or additional safety tips for getting back onto the road. 

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