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Don’t let new car technology allow you to be a distracted driver

Cars have come a long way in looks, innovation and technology.
In newer models, you can follow step-by-step audio directions or stream your favorite song all with the simple push of a button. Add that to safety advancements like blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning and driver monitoring systems and you’ve got a big win for safer travel. 

As cool as new technology can be when it comes to our automobiles, some inventions can hinder as much as help. It’s important never to crutch on technology as a replacement for your full attention on the road when you’re in the driver’s seat.

Here are some advancements with potential to encourage distracted driving.

Autopilot technology

Vehicles equipped with this technology can help a driver by steering or stopping in various situations. When needed, it’s nice to know this function is available. But — this is important to remember — autopilot is not a replacement for human drivers. If a driver were to depend solely on autopilot in the car, they may leave the door open for a serious accident to occur. 

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Hands-free cell phone use

Yes, hands-free technology reduces the need to take your eyes off the road to engage with a phone, and that’s an awesome feature. (Now get ready for the “but”) But here’s the deal: hands-free conversations still distract your mind from focusing on the task of driving. When your brain is busy listening to that person on the phone you’re less apt see the whole space of the road in front of you. 

Infotainment systems

Did you know some of the more recent auto advancements include large screens that provide GPS, music, Bluetooth technology, and even the ability to watch movies or connect to your favorite streaming service? Crazy cool for passengers to tinker with, and a crazy scary chance for drivers to be overwhelmed with distractions. If your ride includes an infotainment system, be sure to use this technology safely when you’re the person driving. The responsibilities of the road should always come first.

So, be smart when it comes to using your car’s technology. Remember, these things are there to reinforce your own driving skills. They can’t fully replace your efforts behind the wheel. When used the way they were intended, technological advancements can help make the roads safer

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