Teen driving

The 100 deadliest days are over, now what?

As you may already be familiar, the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers is the infamous time between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Now that those days have come to an end, staying on point to a safer driving experience is important now more than ever. Regardless of the necessity to be hyper-aware during the summertime, the road outside of warmer weather is not without its risks.

As your friends and family gradually transition to cooler temperatures and new driving conditions, stay informed on the best tips to be safe and vigilant at the wheel.

Driver tips for teens

  1. Stock up on necessary equipment. As the weather gets colder and snow starts to fall, ice and snow scrapers, shovels, and even emergency kits are all things you should make sure your teen has in their car at all times. You can't always predict when a blizzard is about to happen, and it's best to be prepared for anything.

  2. Prepare for winter road conditions. With winter season comes new threats to any driver on the road, let alone teens. Snow, ice, and sleet pose threats that you may not be able to see coming until they're imminent. Use your brakes earlier than you normally would in warmer conditions and always drive slower when in doubt. Countless situations can be avoided with a gentle foot and the last thing you would want is your car to skid or lose control!

  3. As always, get rid of the distractions. Regardless of the time of year, distracted driving is all too easy to fall into but imperative to avoid. Being the #1 cause of accidents, you’ll want to make sure the road has your undivided attention, for your safety, your teen’s safety, and the safety of all other drivers on the road.

By following these guidelines, you can embrace all the fun of the changing times of year and know you're being safe and wary at the same time. Encourage your teen to show their peers a good example by taking the pledge to promise their attention to the road. You're both worth it!

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