Child in Halloween costume in car

Nothing is scarier than distracted drivers

With the help of jack-o'-lanterns, spooky movies, warm cider and elaborate costumes, Halloween has surpassed a one-night event and quickly taken over the entire month of October. 

Beware of the risks.

It’s important to beware of distracted drivers every day and, keep in mind, as holidays creep closer roadways get even riskier.

Safe Halloween driving plays a major role, whether rolling to a ghoulish get-together or roaming the neighborhood with tasty treats on the brain.

What can you do to avoid a real “Nightmare on Elm Street” this Halloween? 

  1. Light up costumes.

    Remember, when it comes to nighttime trick-or-treating or spooky strolls, glow sticks and flashlights are just as important as a candy bucket. Drivers need to be able to see pedestrians – light up that costume.
  2. Don’t text and drive.

    In fact, never have your phone within reach when you’re driving. Toss it in your console or glove box before you even start the engine, that way you’ll have one less reason to take your eyes off the road. It’s especially important to put phones away when driving on Halloween. Little ghouls and goblins may be so excited to be scaring neighbors that they run right out into the street without looking. A driver’s reflexes need to be on point to avoid tragedy.
  3. Don’t drink and drive.

    If your going to a favorite haunt for Halloween, have a plan in place for getting home safely like ride share or a designated driver. Crashing on a friend’s couch is way better than being part of a drunk driving crash.
  4. Promise to pay attention.

    Make a promise to yourself, your family and all the people who make life worth living: When you’re driving you’re watching and thinking about the road. Sign the Worth It pledge today, then encourage others to do the same. 

    Your boo-tiful life is worth driving safely – on Halloween and every day!

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