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3 actions to inspire safe drivers

You don’t need superpowers to pull off valiant deeds. Sometimes, a healthy dose of courage is all it takes to be a hero.
That’s especially true when it comes to creating safer drivers.

Whether helping a friend or teen learn good driving habits, retraining yourself to break bad driving routines, or simply calling out from the passenger’s seat when you see a rough trait or two behind the wheel, these are three things you can do to help save lives on the road.

  1. Be more self-aware.

    Are you notoriously late? Usually chowing breakfast during morning rush hour? Dusting powdered donut crumbs off your shirt while you speed down the highway? You know you shouldn’t be so inattentive, but life is constantly lighting fires under your feet. What can you do? We’re only human after all. 

    A giant leap you can make toward being a better driver is to be more self-aware. Recognize the habits you have when behind the wheel. Ask yourself if those habits are dangerous. If the answer is yes, put a plan in place to break those bad driving habits. For example, if you never have time for breakfast before you leave, try setting the alarm to go off 10 minutes earlier or nibble while you get ready for your day. Small changes can mean big, lifesaving outcomes.
  2. Share your story. 

    Remember back in preschool when you learned that sharing was caring? That’s so true when it comes to preventing car crashes that stem from distracted drivers.

    If you’ve been involved in a crash caused by not paying attention to the road, talking about it might be a little tough. It may be hard to admit having had an accident, near miss or a huge catastrophe. It’s an awful memory. This is where bravery comes in.

    When you’re brave enough to tell your personal story of distracted driving, you’re not only helping yourself heal mentally you’re also humanizing a reality that no one wants to think may happen to them. You’re pointing out behaviors that could have been avoided – if only no one reached for that phone, or stretched for the jacket in the backseat, or did whatever action took sight away from the road. 

    It might be hard. But saving lives is worth it. Check out these stories from people just like you who had the courage to tell their story in the hopes it could inspire change. Then, if you’ve got a personal story that you’re feeling strong enough to share, those of us at UFG Worth It would be honored to hear it.
  3. Advocate. 

    You don’t have to roll up on Capitol Hill to be a driving force for change. Grassroots advocacy starts at home. 

    If you’re riding along and the driver needs a hand, give them one. Help them keep their eyes on the road. Don’t tempt them to look away by showing them something on your phone. In fact, put all devices away and out of reach. Or if they obviously aren’t paying attention to the road, don’t be afraid to call them out. 

    Be a cheerleader for change if you believe strongly—like we do—that distracted driving crashes are no accidents. Check out our social media tools for great ideas you can use on your own platforms to let your friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances know exactly where you stand when it comes to distracted driving prevention. They’re sure to learn a lifesaving fact or two.

    And last, but never least, encourage everyone you know to promise to always keep attention on the road. The Worth It pledge is a great place to start.

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