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The 100 deadliest days for teen drivers

As Memorial Day arrives to signify the unofficial start of summer, people begin gearing up for vacations, road trips and backyard grill outs. While this season means warm weather and relaxation, it's also the start of 100 deadliest days for teens—the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Historically, these days see the number of crash fatalities involving teen drivers rise. 

In the days leading up to summer, it's important adults and teens remember the following tips in order to help keep everyone safer on the road.

Tips to stay safe

  1. Start the summer off with an agreement: Whether it's a written agreement or simply a verbal one, sit down and clearly define a teen's driving responsibilities, privileges and potential consequences to help start the summer off safe.
  2. Put the distractions away: Every day, at least nine people die and 1,000 more are injured in distracted driving crashes. To limit temptation, set up GPS navigation while the car is in park and turn your phone off when you turn the car on. This would be the perfect time for everyone in your family to take the pledge to drive distraction free, not only during the 100 deadliest days, but for the entire year.
  3. Obey speed laws: When running behind, it's easy to push a little harder on the accelerator in order to get to where you need to be. But, when a driver chooses to speed, they're both increasing their risk of losing control and making it harder to stop if there were an accident in front of them.
  4. Never drink and drive: It's important to recognize the severity that comes with drinking and driving, and no one should ever get behind the wheel of a car if they've been drinking alcohol. Always encourage loved ones to hitch a sober ride home so you know they'll be safe.

With just a little bit more awareness, you'll not only have a fun summer, but you'll have a safer summer. Apply these tips as both you and your teen hit the road and take the pledge to drive distraction free today! You're both worth it!

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